Analysis and modeling techniques

What analysis and modeling techniques do you use to translate business objectives into system requirement?

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Object oriented analysis is done based on the business object entities.

Object-oriented analysis (OOA) applies object-modeling techniques to analyze the functional requirements for a system.

 Object-oriented design (OOD) elaborates the analysis models to produce implementation specifications.
OOA focuses on what the system does,
OOD on how the system does it.


  • May 25th, 2008

There is no specific method to convert the business objective into system requirement. Let's consider this illustration;
If Business goal is to sell maximum grocery. As a common sensed person think that in order to sell maximum grocery or to increse the sales volume of grocery the process of check out should be very fast and convenient and customer should not be afraid to be in line for long time only for sake of paying for grocery
bus Analyst mind will start working in direction of providing a self check out system near every cashier managed check out system and this facility will certainly meet business goal, which is to increase sales. Prepare a business vision and scope document and emphasize the faster checking out as core and key need and redesign the POS (Point of service) system which has the same goal of faster checking out which ultimately leads to the business goal to increase sales volume.

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