SharePoint Application Testing

How the sharepoint application testing will be done, I need detailed analysis how exactly the test team validates the application,what would be the test scenarios,Test coverage points.
if any one has done the SharePoint testing,please provide me the inputs

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Arati Sharma

  • Jan 15th, 2014

1) How to add user
2) How to remove user
3) Restore site content database
4) How to import site
5) How to backup/restore site
6) How to get managed paths
7) Export/Move site


  • Jan 31st, 2014

Let me pose a counter question - Do have an understand of what is the purpose of SharePoint site? If yes, you will be able to answer the question all by yourself :)

For anyone who does not know what a SharePoint site can achieve:
SharePoint (SP) is a web application. SP first started off with documentation/content management and intranet portal capabilities and has evolved to include a broader range of capabilities today. Primarily it integrates with MS Office tools. For more information and history, check Wikipedia.

SP can be used as intranet portal, time sheet portal, file and content management, defect tracking, test case management, writing user stories and I could go on and on..The list have come to become endless!

SP site needs users so there is a user management side to it. When content needs to be added/deleted, features to enable users to perform those functions will exist. Since SP offer a broad range of capabilities, there will be behind-the-scenes - admin module. Even admin side as user role management.

This is how I would answer:
Im not judging the person who first responded to this question..This one question can segregate a good tester from the bad one even if he/she has years of experience; and fresher from experienced tester.

If I were your would say it depends on the purpose of the SP site and counter question the interviewer: what is the purpose. Based on the purpose, I would list the test cases.
No judgement intended again...The person who first responded to this question, listed test cases for collaboration or file management. What if the interviewer said the SP purpose was for timesheets? Yes the her list would still be valid but one would come across as a beginner level tester or one who does not know what a SharePoint site looks like. Then the test cases would be creation of timesheet template and applying to the a group of/ all employees.

If the interviewer said, give me a generic list of test cases - I would say assuming the SP site is being used for file management or content management or for intranet portal, here are the list of test cases

1. user management test cases - adding/deleting users etc
2. Access management - types of user permissions, pages that can be accessed etc
3. Admin module - admin users management, creating page and site templates, etc
4. Active directory/Single sign on (for intranet and file/content management)
5. Browser compatibility
6. GUI testing (look and feel)
7. Usability (believe it or not I have seen some SP sites with horribly organized files)
8. Negative testing of requirements - what the system should not be doing (very important every time someone asks for a list test cases)

Above list will suffice because the interviewer will get that I have good verbal communication skills, level of my analytical skills; I have knowledge of various types of testing, how test cases are group, some amount of technical and domain knowledge and that I am a seasoned QA. This way I can minimize the # successive questions posed by the interviewer to test my knowledge and experience.

Note: Moving or importing a SP site into another one is literally impossible. Having said that, a SP site can be packaged into a file and that can be imported into another SP site with exactly the same site map. If the destination SP site does not have identical site map as the one being moved, then the packaged file content can up imported into different pages in the destination SP site.

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  • Dec 21st, 2018

Thanks alot. I have one question here. can you list out one test case on negative scenario?

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  • Dec 21st, 2018

i am new to this. can you please tell what is "restore/import/export site" and managed paths

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