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Please design tests for MS Word using different test case design techniques.

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There Are Mainly or say Broadly two Design Techniques..
1) Static .
2) Dynamic.
For MS Word Application Static Test Cases Will be :
1)Testcase for GUI appearance and Handling
2)Testcase for Invoking the application and Closing it.
3) Check for Installation of application in OS (Based on type of Build)
In case of Dynamic Techniques :
Case 1 : For Default naming conversion & other integrated features.
Case 2 : For Changing the Dimension of Page and Attaching various Integrated features.
Case 3 : Check for Data Saving if exit accidentally
Case 4 : Check for Data Integration and accessibility if More than one word file is open.
Case 5 : Check for File format change during Saving Document ie . DOC ,DOX,PDF type.
Case 6 :Check for Data transferring ( Pasting Images ,Txt,hyperlinks etc..)
Case 7 : Check for Document Compatibility (93/xp format and 2013 format etc..)
Case 8 : Check for Compatibility with the additional Plugin and Up gradation of Application.

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