18 kpas

What are the 18 different kpas (key process area)
define each of them?

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Bina Sarmah

  • Sep 21st, 2011

CMM is the certification for18KPAS. It specifies the maturity of the organization in terms of level.
There are 5 levels:
Level 1. Initial - all companies are considered to be Initial even though there is no certification.
Level 2. Repeatable: there are 6 KPA's
Level 3. Defined: there are 7 KPA's in this level
Level 4. Managed: There are 2 KPA's in this level
Level 5. Optimized : there are 3 KPA's in this level
Totally there are 18 KPA's for Level 5 certified company.
I mean a company should satisfy all 18 KPA's then only it can get/maintain the certification.
KPA (Key Process Area's) : Areas that an organization should focus on to improve its s/w process.
CMM used to identify the current status of s/w process and then to find the strength and weakness


  • Oct 14th, 2011

Think about this; isn't it a pain for someone to define each ofthe 18 KPAs? Please use google and wikipedia.

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