Two join specifications for one join

What is the need of giving two join specifications for one join?

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  • Nov 2nd, 2011

yes ,we create two join specification on join bec of The join specifications can be based on foreign key columns from the source table (the BC table) or joined fields in the source BusComp (different table), provided that all join specifications have source fields coming from one single table.

Scenario: We can create a separate join definition to S_ORG_EXT in Opportunity BusComp which has multiple join specifications using 'Joined Account Id' and "Account Location' as source fields. These source fields are actually joined fields brought over from the default join definition to S_ORG_EXT.

If we instead use 'Account Id' and 'Account Location' then 'Account Id' being the Source Field based on base column in Opportunity BusComp, the join will not work and similar error will be displayed stating the join has source fields coming from tables S_OPTY and S_ORG_EXT

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