What is Extension table?


I want to know What is Extension table?
My understand is "base table has default colums. But Extension table is the table in which we can add additional columns other than its base tables columns

Is it correct?

s_contact is the base table for the Contact BC.It has some columns like fst_name.last_name,etc...
But i want to create Extension table for the contact BC.I believe s_contact_x is the extension table for contact.
When add the column in the BC Field, It shows ATTRIB_01,ATTRIB_02,...ATTRIB_64 with the respective Type.

shall i add this to proceed.

One more doubt "Is it possible to add base and extension table for the same BC"


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My understand is "base table has default colums.......your is concept is fine.preconfigured extension tables are called Static extension tables and includes generic columns ATTRIB_01,ATTRIB_02...., are the customizable columns which you can use for your purpose other than given by siebel.(ATTRIB_) that you can use to store custom attributes. Static extension tables are already part of the data model, so using them does not require updating the physical database."Is it possible to add base and extension table for the same BC"?You can also create your own extension tables using the New Table Wizard. Extension tables that you create are changes to the logical schema and therefore must be also be applied to the physical database. Creation of base table is not possible.

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