Submitted Questions

  • what are the siebel versions available

    Hi,I believe siebel 5.0,6.0,7.03,4.5.2,7.5.33,7.7.2,7.8.2,8.0 is availableis it correct? or anything missed out?I want 2 know when the respective siebel versions are released?pls give me the year of released for each versionsRegardsGovind

  • Installing siebel server

    Hi,I am installing siebel server database 7.0.3 and i installed SQL server 2000.When i opened Query Analyser , It doesn't connect to my siebel server database ie. siebel dbdatabase not connected with my SQL serverpls suggest me how to make siebel db Available in my SQL serverRegards Govind

  • What is Extension table?

    Hi,I want to know What is Extension table?My understand is "base table has default colums. But Extension table is the table in which we can add additional columns other than its base tables columnsIs it correct?s_contact is the base table for the Contact BC.It has some columns like fst_name.last_name,etc...But i want to create Extension table for the contact BC.I believe s_contact_x is the extension...