In Solaris 9 in which run level which file systems are mounted ?

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Somto Eboagwu

  • Nov 20th, 2007

There are 8 run levels in Solaris. 0-7&S, and run level 3 is the default and run level 4 is not used. I believe the answer to the question is run level 2

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  • Jun 28th, 2008

Run levels

0 --> Ok prompt (Forth commands)
s or S --> Sinlge user mode with Critical file system mounted  (/, /usr and /var)
1 --> Single user mode with all file systems mounted
2 --> Multi-user mode (Multi users can access the system) Without NFS daemons.
3 --> Multi-user mode with NFS daemons (Default run-level in Solaris)
4 --> Not currently implemented
5 --> System shutdown (Unmounts all file systems)
6 --> Reboot (Unmounts all file systems and mounts again to keep system in run level 3)

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