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What is the name of the java compiler used to compile the source file to a byte code?

Asked by: deeptiagrawal | Member Since Jun-2007 | Asked on: Oct 17th, 2007

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Answered On : Nov 17th, 2007

Java Virtual Machine will convert the source code into byte code....while it is compiling and byte code will be converted into machine code by interpreter.

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Answered On : Dec 15th, 2007

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Interpreter : convert source code into byte codeJVM             : executes the byte the code

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Answered On : Feb 11th, 2008

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These is no specfice name that is simply called java compiler

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JIT compiler , it is to make the compilation faster

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Answered On : Nov 5th, 2008

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There is no specific name for it, its only JAVA COMPILER and you can find it by
the name javac.exe which you are providing the class path at the compilation or
at the
system properties--> Advanced-->environment variable in windows
if you have taken the default installation you will find it in C:Program

I hope you got the answer

with regards

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