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How can you create or import flat file definition in to the warehouse designer?

U can not create or import flat file defintion in to warehouse designer directly.Instead U must analyze the file in source analyzer,then drag it into the warehouse designer.When U drag the flat file source defintion into warehouse desginer workspace,the warehouse designer creates a relational target defintion not a file defintion.If u want to load to a file,configure the session to write to a flat file.When the informatica server runs the session,it creates and loads the flatfile.

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Aug 22nd, 2005
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Answered On : Aug 22nd, 2005

U can create flat file definition in warehouse the warehouse designer,u can create new target: select the type as flat file. save it and u can enter various columns for that created target by editing its properties.Once the target is created, save it. u can import it from the mapping designer.

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Answered On : Jan 12th, 2006

Yes, you can import flat file directly into Warehouse designer. This way it will import the field definitions directly.

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Answered On : Apr 20th, 2007

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1) Manually create the flat file target definition in warehouse designer2)create target definition from a source definition. This is done my dropping a source definition in warehouse designer.3)Import flat file definitionusing a flat file wizard. ( file must be local to the client machine)

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Answered On : Sep 3rd, 2007

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While creating flatfiles manually, we drag and drop the structure from SQ if the structure we need is the same as of source, for this we need to check-in the source and then drag and drop it into the Flatfile, if not all the columns in the source will be changed as primary keys.

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Answered On : Apr 18th, 2009

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1] Add the metadata of source file into Informatica designer using source
analyzer and save source file definition in the repository.2] When we drag
the source file definition into warehouse designer work space, the warehouse
designer creates a target definition with metadata.
3] Create a mapping using mapping designer and save it in repository.
4] Create work flow, session task and link work flow and session task.
5] Add session properties and save them in repository.
6] Start "Informatica" service and execute the work flow.
7] When Informatica server runs the session, it loads the data of flat file
into target warehouse table.

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