Where should you place the flat file to import the flat file definition to the designer?

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  • Dec 13th, 2005

There is no such restrication to place the source file. In performance point of view its better to place the file in server local src folder. if you need path please check the server properties availble at workflow manager.

It doesn't mean we should not place in any other folder, if we place in server src folder by default src will be selected at time session creation.

Basically the flat file should be stored in the src folder in the informatica server folder.
Now logically it should pick up the file from any location but it gives an error of invalid identifier or not able to read the first row.

So its better to keep the file in the src folder.which is already created when the informatica is installed

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We can place source file any where in network, but it will consume more time to fetch data from source file, but if the source file is present on server srcfile then it will fetch data from source upto 25 times faster than previous.

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