What are examples on ways you've supported direct management?

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  • May 31st, 2009

Most of the time management does not know the actual status of the project. It get involved whenever there is any issue. The way I have supported the management is by  creating a dashboard, where management can see the progress and milestone status of the project.

Direct management is best supported when you ensure they have a motivated workforce and relevant project information on time.

As a manager, i ensure the employees reporting into me are tuned for high performance. It is done by mentoring them to make better decisions, introducing better knowledge management practices, better code review or better defect prevention systems etc. PLus of course allow them to grow their expertise by showing them the way to certifications, courses etc.

In a big company, dashboards are already created so there is not much one can do apart from ensuring the data is in place on time. As a manager i ensure my project information is in the system ahead of time. These include documents like MSRs, SPC etc.

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