As Project Manager, what are examples on how you drive your projects?

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Visualize things from 1000 feet high - meaning have a complete picture of the project (past, present and future).
 -> is the project as per schedule
 -> is the way in which project is moving is the right way
 -> will there be any bottle necks for the smooth movement of the project (risks ahead)

Detail plan for current period's tasks and execution of the same.

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  • Feb 1st, 2011

I believe if we plan well - success will follow. As a thumb rule spend 10% of complete time on planing. Involve your team in all planning. Do not try to do things alone because major execution part has to be done by team they should feel part of the project. If all team members have a feeling of ownership the going will be come much easire. Take stakeholders agreement on major milestones. Have mitigation plan ready for most of the risks. Update lessons learnt at project closure.

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