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Adobe Puzzles

Most of the problems in adobe are solved here, though it is not mentioned that they are from Adobe, so this means he has to go through them as many as possible
The C/Java/quant are from
The questions are mostly (99%) theoretical, or algo type
If he is fresher then there will aloso be an apti n quant paper. Otherwiser only two papers
Enginerring - based on college courses
C/Java - whatever opt for - this too is theoretical
Questions like
what is transient variable
what is finally
what is the significance of package
wree asked.

A few of the question that were asked to me are

A BST was given, find the fourth largest node
Evalutae the psotfix expression
Evalutae (-5) in 2's complement
An expression was given , we had to make the expression tree for that
and the postfix expression for that. It was something like
a* ((b+c/d) *d) +e

You have N computers and [Ca, Cb] means a is connected to b and this connectivity is symmetric and transitive. then write a program which checks that all computers are interconnected and talk two each other

Soln : - Breadth First Search(I guess)

Some code in assembly was given and given five options. What is being calculated?

Ans (XY) 2 + Y + Z

Some commands in the assembly language were given. Then need to convert this code in assembly

Commands were like

Add- Adds top 2 elemnrts from stack and pushes the result back in to it


and others

The code is


For (i=0 ; i<=10 ; i++)


Algorithm to draw a line in a 2-D axes.
Given P1(x1,y1), P2(x2,y2) where x1>x2.

My Soln: find the slope m and intercept c, using standard formulae
Increment x2 by 1(this was given) and calculate y2'
and join the dots
Easy though

write an algorithm, to find if two binary trees are same
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Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Sep 5th, 2007
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Answered On : Apr 8th, 2008

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A BST was given, find the fourth largest nodeAns- Do an InOrder Traversal, should give you the 4th largest node ?write an algorithm, to find if two binary trees are sameAns - /*Compares the receiver to another tree tosee if they are structurally identical.*/public boolean sameTree(BinaryTree other) {return( sameTree(root, other.root) );}/**Recursive helper -- recurs down two trees in parallel,checking to see if they are identical.*/boolean sameTree(Node a, Node b) {   // 1. both empty -> true   if (a==null && b==null) return(true);   // 2. both non-empty -> compare them   else if (a!=null && b!=null) {         return(   == &&            sameTree(a.left, b.left) &&            sameTree(a.right, b.right));}// 3. one empty, one not -> false     else return(false);}

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Answered On : Apr 20th, 2008

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Hi,I am preparing for Adobe, I am concentrating more on Data-structure and my C++ skills. I am ready to put my 100% effort but lacking direction. Can anybody please guide me some good books and links to follow for this preprations? I appriciate your response.

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