Suppose a bug was found by the customer, As a Testing what is your comments on this issue?

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  • Aug 9th, 2007

I will say the reason for not finding the bug due to configuration difference, S/W, H/W, interfaces version change when compared to Customer configaration. If both configaration are same, there is no reason except to apologise.

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  • Oct 23rd, 2007

If i would have faced such an issue as a tester first i would try to reproduce the bug with same & different configurations.
In case bug is reproducible for any environment that has been tested defenitely we owe an apology.
In case its not reproducible, an explanation about the same will go along..


  • Jul 16th, 2008

Initially we check the perticuler secnario is coverd in the SRS. if it is covered we try to reproduce the bug. If it is a valid one. the tester should accepet that. If the secnario is not coverd in the spec, we ask the customer to update the SRS.


I feel every tester had faced this problem at least once in a life, un fortunately i too faced the problem in my life but fortunately we convienced the client.

Issue Desc: Report date creteria is not working properly...

Reason: Issue occured if and only if we ran the report in sundays, not  even saturday.

 Mostly no tester tested application on sundays, we can deliver all the CRS at end of the week, then client will start their verification on sat or sund, so found the issue by them,  this is a very funny issue which i never seen in my life, so finally we have escalated the problem to client and he is happy with our explanation.




  • Oct 31st, 2011

as a testing??? LOL
Its tester or QA...

Any how..if its an obvious bug; own it. Do not beat around the bush. If this is one of those user scenarios you couldn't come up with, say you are still learning about the domain and so you might have missed that user-scenario.

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  • Nov 1st, 2011

Tester are not the god they also do the mistakes.But tester responsibility are to think out of the box because they are tester and they should have the attitude to always break the code

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