Explain the concept behind spanned records & SHAREOPTS ?

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These two are different concepts which are not related to each other.

Spanned records: when ever one new record is required to insert in to a CI, if the free space present in the CI is not sufficient for this entry. then the new record will occupy tyhe free spacein the old CI and the remaining part of record will occupy the space in new CI, this process is called Spanning of Records.

Share options is not hing but process allowed for multiple users to do I/O operaqtions on datasets.

please revert me if i am wrong incase.

Sai krishna Yadav. Jinka

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It seems fine regarding CI split. CA split also occurs in the same as CI split. But remember these two concepts comes into the picture in case of KSDS only.

Please let me know if you have any doubts.


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These options are not corrolated!

Spanned record : If a CI has not enough freespace to fit in a new record, then the record  is spanned to the next CI. If the next CI does not have enought freespace to hold the spanned record then VSAM split happens.

Share Option : (CR value, CS value)
CR->Cross Region value ie,how the specified dataset is shared amoung different regions in the same system. Possible values 1/2/3/4
CS->Cross System value ie,how the specified dataset is share amoung different systems.Possible values 1/2 reserved so 3/4 works!

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