If the size of the fruit is two times the size of the seed. Then what is the volume of the seed. (derive general equation)

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  • Oct 30th, 2007

seed diameter : 2x

fruit diameter : 4x (because the size of fruit is two times the size of the seed)

each radius is x, 2x

seed volume : 3/4*pi*x^3

fruit volume : 3/4*pi*(2x)^3

seed volume : fruit volume = x : 8x

so general equation is 8(seed volume) =  (fruit volume)

(I am not good at English. If you find my sentences are wrong, please fix it. thank you)

Lets assume the fruit to be spherical in shape.

So, volume of seed = (4/3) (pi) (r^3)
      volume of fruit   = (4/3) (pi) ((2r)^3)
       (volume of seed/volume of fruit) = (1/8)

   So, the general formula is:
8*(volume of seed) = 1*(volume of fruit)

I think I am right. If not, pardon me.

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