What is Pragma EXECPTION_INIT ? Explain the usage ?

 The PRAGMA EXECPTION_INIT tells the complier to associate an exception with an oracle error. To get an error message of a specific oracle error.      e.g. PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT (exception name, oracle error number)

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Pragma exception_init  Allow you to handle the Oracle predefined message by you'r own message. means you can instruct compiler toassociatethe specific message to oracle predefined message at compile time.This way you Improve the Readbility of your program,and handle it accoding to your own way.

It should be declare at the DECLARE section.



salary number;

FOUND_NOTHING exception;

Pragma exception_init(FOUND_NOTHING ,100);


select sal in to salaryfrom emp where ename ='ANURAG';







  • Jan 31st, 2008

PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT statement associate the declared exception with the standard Oracle server error number. PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT tells the compiler to associate an exception name with an Oracle error number. That allows you to refer to any internal exception by name and to write a specific handler for it.

PRAGMA (also called pseudoinstructions) is the keyword that signifies that the statement is a compiler directive, which is not processed when the PL/SQL block is executed. Rather, it directs the PL/SQL compiler to interpret all occurrences of the exception name within the block as the associated Oracle server error number.


PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT(exception, error_number);

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