What makes the Test Script a good script or bad script. How can you tell just by looking at the script?

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  • Sep 24th, 2007

A good test script has the ability to detect the maximum numbers of errors with minimum numbers of test cases.

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I agree that the best test script is the one which finds a lot of bugs, apart from that....

The script is said to good... when it as the following...

  • It must be simple
  • It must be reusable
  • It is understanable - Doucumation
  • It must be Small.

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To make a script good one we need to maintain:

1) Description of the Script (Like Script Name, author, Date of Creation, etc)
2) Followed coding standards are not(like declaring variables, Intendation, etc)
3) Included Comments where ever needed
4) Simple to understand
5) Creating Reusable functions where ever needed in the script


Plz correct me if I am wrong

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Just to be clear, a test script can be authored for manual or automated testing. 

If the test script is to be used for manual testing, the it should:
1) identify prerequisites
2) describe test steps clearly and concisely
3) provide expectations
4) identify criteria for failure

If the test script is to be used as a test harness in a test repository with test engine, then it should:
1) be simple
2) be concise
3) be clear
4) be reuseable 

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