Is the Static testing a functional testing?

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  • Feb 19th, 2007

No, It is a verification Activity In Static testing need checklist to follow the standars . the Standard can be for coding, integration, Deploymnet, REviews's Inspections, Walk through''. Here only document chek no functionality checking
 this is my knowledge. If anything wrong please correct me 9848205045

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  • May 31st, 2008

As we know that Functional testing is one of the black-box testing.... and so on.
We have tow types of testing approaches.
1) Static ( black-box and whitebox) tesing and
2) Dynamic ( back-box and whitebox ) testing.

Testing ( either in blackbox or whitebox) while application is not running is static testing and
Testing while application is under running process is dynamic testing.

Static : Testing SRS doc, Code analysis without compiling or running the code.
Dynamic : Running or executing the application and testing the results. 

if any wrong please correct me

 What i know is Static testing is not a functional testing since static testing is done on the requirements but not on the build.

Please correct me if i am wrong

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