Why excellent communication skill is essential for a business analyst?

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Shridatt Kelkar

  • Feb 15th, 2007

A BA is one who sits with the client,understands it and then tells the IT people what needs to be done,hence BA needs to have excellent comm skills

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We do required excellent communication in order to coomuicate with different people either in our team or other teams,based on communication is where we as ba get our requirements etc.

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  • Jun 28th, 2010

The BA is the vital link between the development team and the business users. The BA must clearly and precisely determine a black and white requirement from the business that defines the requirement's objective, impact to the business, level of need in the process, user acceptance criteria, and SMART goals of the requirement. Many users are so comfortable in their current process, they often overlook the details that can cripple a system. So the BA must have interrogation skills that:

1. Do not intimidate the user
2. Encourage the user to think through the positive and negative impacts of the requirement
3. Manage the user expectations in participating in a Requirements session so they don't become overwhelmed or disengaged
4. Enables the BA to quickly read body language to identify who is an advocate, who is an adversary, and who is undecided to use SWOT to finalize a requirement
5. Allow an even demeanor in dealing with all levels of staff so none are patronized nor elevated that would cause someone in the session to shut down and not participate
6. Ensure the process flows capture the entire system (manual and technical) process from end-to-end in business terms that ensure user adoption, understanding, and buy-in
7. Engage the users to indentify inputs, process, and outputs to write better functional specs for the dev team

Bottom line, the BA is the most diverse communication leader in the scope of the project (next to the Project Manager). The BA has to quickly assess and change his/her role in a split second from Facilitator to Leader to Coach to Babysitter to Teacher and never change his/her demeanor from one role to the next. This is a unique skill that separates a good BA from an average BA, in my opinion.

Hope this helps.

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