Explain the difference between Re-testing and Regression testing?

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  • Feb 9th, 2007

Regresion Testing done after enhancement in Software and Re-testing is after Bug Fixing.


  • Feb 11th, 2007

Retesting is testing the module once again to confirm whether the bugs are really fixed whereas Regression testing is done to see whether any modifications in a module results in any side effects.

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  • Feb 14th, 2007

Regression testing is testing the application whether the corrected defect has any other impact on the application like testing the application fully once again

Retesting is nothing but checking for only the failed condition in the previous cycle.

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  • Mar 5th, 2007


Retesting : It is testing only the fixed bug.

Regression : It is testing the whole module, to check that any other part of the application is affected bcoz of that fixed bug.

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Regression Testing is a repetative testing which is done from second build onwards,  where you verify that the bugs are fixed or not, changes in the application, added new features and most importantly all these changes were not affecting other functionality

Re-test is also a repetative testing and is done in order to reproduce. for example if you find a defect, you wanted to make sure that the befect is reproducable or not, for the sake you re-test that functionality again, and whenever a bug is fixed by the developer and new build has came then you want to make sure that the bug is really fixed so you will re-test that functionality more than once

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In regression test we will ensure that application is performing as desired.
Here we will not execute all the test cases. Take for e.g. the module has 100
test case only 20 test case will be executed in regression test.

In retest we will execute all the 100 test case.

Regression testing is performed during the testing phase on every iteration of new builds in order to ensure preselected functionalities still behave as expected. 

Retesting is performed on test cases where defects were discovered, fixed, and sent back to the test team to verify whether the defects were truly fixed.     

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