What is Business acceptance testing and what is the difference between UAT and BAT

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  • Feb 13th, 2007

UAT: User Acceptance TestingBAT: Business Acceptance TestingUser Acceptance Testing will be doing by end-users as well testers, the testing is done base on business requirement document and functional / Technical spec?s.Business Acceptance Testing will be doing by business representatives only, base on business requirement document Thanks,Sumanth.

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  • Mar 9th, 2007

UAT: user acceptance testing. this will be done by end-users or testers. it concentrates on meting the customer's requirements functional/software /hardware requirements.
BAT: business acceptance testing. this willbe done by business representatives. this concentrates on meeting the business requirements of business scenario or business specifications.

Beyond the definitions already provided, some organizations define UAT and BAT like this:

User Acceptance Testing (UAL) is conducted by the customer to ensure the system satisfies is contractual acceptance criteria before being signed-off as meeting user needs.

Business Acceptance Testing (BAT) is undertaken within the development organization of the supplier to ensure the system will eventually pass user acceptance testing.

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