What is diffrence b/w test cases and used cases

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use case is a statement written to develop a functionality based on the requirements where as test case is the statement written to check weather the functionality is working correctly against the requirements.

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test case is the document that has the steps to follow to use the application.
use case is the diagrametically representation of the application and the actiors and the exact flow of actions.  i think  u got the difference.
Naresh reddy

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  • Jan 24th, 2007

Is it always nacessary tht use case has to be represented diagramatically?

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vikram prakash

  • Jan 30th, 2007

use cases shows how a software will work and test cases checks if the software will work properly or not.

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Test cases are documents which talk about the functionality of the application and consists of all kinds of actions and expected results from an application.

Use case explains the the navigation flow of the application.

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test case is a document ,its a procedure to test the functionality of a feature, it has several sections like input, action, expected result, actual result and comments.

use case is pictorial representation of the requirements. it consists of pictures and meanings will be attached to it, this is generally done by developers, they use UML(unified modified lanuguage) to create these pictures

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Hi ! Used cases are the complete description of a odule or the whole application.
What organisations normally do is that they divide the entire application in different modules...and a separate used case is prepared for every module...
If you take an example of say internet Explorer or MS word.... then there will be separate use cases for File, Edit, View, tools etc...
Now testers reffer documents like (Use cases , HLD, LLD etc.) while preparing test cases because only with the help of these docs. they can identify test conditions...
and only after identifying the test conditions a series of steps called test cases are written to execute them........

We can easily identify preconditions for test cases by reffering Use case of that module...

Again a used case may /may not be documented.
But test cases are always documented.

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usecase describes actors actions and corresponding response of the application

test cases is a step by step process how to test the functionality of an application

usecase document is a parent document like BRD FRS SRS using which we can write test case

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A usecase provides a narrative that describes all of the actions a person needs to perform in order to complete a particular task within an application.  This narrative describes workflow in terms of actions, inputs and outputs.  Business requirements are often presented in usecase format. 

A test case provides all of the detail that is needed in order to test the functionality of an application.  A test case typically includes prerequisites, environment variables, test steps, and expected results.  Test cases are typically created by reviewing business requirement usecases.   

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