What is Severity and Priority and who will decide what?Can Automation testing replace manual testing? If it so, how?What ifs the difference between defect, error, bug, failure, fault?What is the diff between Client Server & Web Based Testing?What is Smoke Testing & when it will be done?

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1.Severity is the complexity of the bug and its impact on the application

2. Priorty is how immediately the bug needs to be fixed.

The developer decides the Priority

Smoke Testing is a non-exhausitve software Testing , wherby the finer details are not considerd.

Web Based Application : Here you are goin to check the application which is going to be launched on the interent or intranet. It means in the form of Web Pages.

Client Server Application : Basically the application use lan which is Client and Server.The Exe file of the application is stored at the Server and called from the Client and access all the database stored in the application.


  • Jan 9th, 2007


How severe the bug is ?


How fast the bug has to be removed or fixed.

Both will be decided by Tester (Ref SRS other test documents)

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  • Jan 10th, 2007

1. Severity means how severe the bug is? and priority means which bug should be given resolved. severity is decided by testing team and priority is decided by develepment team.

3.Error: the difference between the actual result(the result generated from the build) and expected result(customer requirements specified in SRS).

Defect: if that error is identified by testing team that is called as defect and then that is given to development team

Bug: if the defect is accepted by the development team that is considered as bug.

5. Smoke testing is done by development team before releasing the build (the executable file which is ready to test) to the testing team

Severity means the seriousness of the defect on the functionalityPriority means the importance of the defect to reslove interms of customersSmoke Testing means test engineers estimate stability of the build. This will be done when testing team receives intial build from development team to estimate the stability of build before start of real testing

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Satyanarayana Raju

  • Feb 12th, 2007

In product based Industry Priority is given by PD Team (Product Design) in case client is not presentIn Project based Industry Priority is given by Client(Because he knows what is required for his business)Seviority is given by Tester.

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  • Apr 27th, 2007


       Seviority defines the imp of defect respect to functional point of view .prority means imp of defect respect to customer point of view.

Yes in some organissations they need only manual testers in some org they need automation testers .we will do 60 % manual remaining will be automation .

defect : after production we will get defect

error : any error is tehir in application we call has defect

Bug: when development process going on error come means its bug

what are the filelds in traceblity matrix can you anyone explain ? what are the fields in defect status report can you give details.

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Sumit Jaiswal

  • Jul 24th, 2007

Severity and priority both are decided  by tester only and both have different impact.

Severity depends on effort development team needed to resolve any issue. while priority depend on impact of the bug

let me explain with an example..Suppose we are creating one web page and we have to give demo to client. and suddenly tester has found some spelling mistake on web page heading so such bug Severity should be less but it priority should be high

Severity depends on effort development team needed to resolve any issue.

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Severity: When we find a defect we needed to find out how much impact
the defect is created to the application if the impact is more than the severity
will be high if impact is less than the severity will be low

Priority: While dealing with defects developers need to give
importance to the defects giving priority is based on the importance of the
defect and situation.

Who will decide what: Severity will be given by Tester and priority is
given Tester or Developer

Can Automation testing replacement of manual testing: NO, automation
testing is an extension of Manual Testing in order to take less time & accuracy
while execution

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Q1: What is Severity and Priority and who will decide what?
- Severity is the measure of a defect's impact on a user.
- Priority is the measure of urgency attached to fixing a defect.
- QA standards define both Severity and Priority which are mutually-agreed upon by all relevant stakeholders.
- The Project Manager (PM) has the last word on the assignment of Severity and Priority levels.

Q2: Can Automation testing replace manual testing? If it so, how?
Yes, automation test can replace manual testing but it can't fully replace manual testing.  This is accomplished using automation tools.  Automation is typically used for tests that need to be run on every iteration of the build to ensure major functionalities remain intact.

Q3: What is the difference between defect, error, bug, failure, and fault?
- A defect is nonconformance to requirements
- An error is a mistake; an accidental wrong action or a false statement not made deliberately
- A bug is a fault or defect in a computer program, system, or machine.
- A failure is an event that does not accomplish its intended purpose
- A fault is an imperfection in an object or system

Q4: What is the difference between Client-Server & Web-Based Testing?
- Testing is performed on .exe installed on local computer
- The number of clients is known
- Client and server are the entities to be tested
- Both server and client locations are fixed and known to the user
- Server to server interaction is prohibited
- Low multimedia type of data transaction
- Designed and implemented on intranet environment

- Testing is performed on content streamed from web server using browser (ex: Explorer, Mozilla, etc) installed on local computer
- Number of clients is difficult to predict (millions of clients)
- Client, Server and network are the entities to be tested
- Server location is certain; client locations are not certain
- Server to server interaction is normal
- Rich multimedia type of data transaction
- Designed and implemented on internet environment

Q5: What is Smoke Testing and when is it done?
Smoke testing is a cursory test that verifies whether the major functions of a software application works properly. It is typically performed when a software build is first released to a test team for testing. 

Nasruddin Shaik

  • Apr 18th, 2017

Severity: Severity indicates that how severely the bug is impacting on the application.

Priority: Priority indicates that how soon the bug should be fixed by the developer.

Both Priority and Severity will be assigned by the testers only while posting the defect, later based on company standards Project Manager / Business Analyst / Product Owner / Development Lead / Independent Developer will change the priority after discussing in the bug triage call.

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Nasruddin Shaik

  • Apr 18th, 2017

Smoke Testing: Smoke Testing involves checking whether the software build is stable enough or not for further level of testing or rigorous testing.
In smoke testing, testers will check major functionalities of the application.
If the build is working as per requirements, tester will accept the build. Otherwise, QA team will reject it.
Once the code is deployed onto QA server, Testers will conduct Smoke Testing.
Smoke Testing is also called as Build Verification Testing or Build Acceptance Testing

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  • Dec 12th, 2017

Severity depends how severely the bug is having impacting on the application and priority is defined how quick any bug needs to resolved in a particular environment.
No automation testing cannot replace manual testing,ideally application take time to stable and automation can be best done when the AUT is stable,till then manual testing should be performed.
A mistake in coding is called Error, error found by tester is called Defect, defect accepted by development team then it is called Bug, build does not meet the requirements then it Is Failure.Incorrect stament or mistaken written in the computer program is called fault.
In client server once connection is made it will be in state on connected, whereas in case of web testing http protocol is stateless, then there comes logic of cookies, which is not in client server.
For client server application users are well known, whereas for web application any user can login and access the content, he/she will use it as per his intentions.
Smoke Testing is the entry testing done to ensure whether testers can proceed further to test upon that module.It is usually done when any new module is handed after release to test team

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