How to use override key in join !

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  • Dec 7th, 2006

When we need to join 2 fields which has different field names.Then we can use overridekey0 to specify what is the field name in in0 and field name from in1 in overridekey1.


in0 DML


string("01") Employee_Name= NULL(""); /* VARCHAR2(30)*/

string("01") Age= NULL(""); /* VARCHAR2(300)*/

string(1) newline = "n";


in1 DML


string("01") Emp_Name= NULL(""); /* VARCHAR2(30)*/

string("01") Salary= NULL(""); /* VARCHAR2(300)*/

string(1) newline = "n";


To do innerjoin on the basis of Employee  name,we have to specify

overdrivekey0 = {Employee_Name}

overdrivekey1 = {Emp_Name}

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  • Dec 21st, 2006

Hi folks,

 generally override key concept comes when we have two non-matching fields ,where we want to have a join on it

 let me throw insight into this

 suppose i have 2 files say FILE1,FILE2

FILE1 has a key "emp_id", and FILE2 has a fkey" emp_code " after connecting these two to join component ,it will highlight override key option ,where we have to decide which key should be overrided ie "override key0",and "override key1"

place "emp_code " as a key for "override key 1 ".ie we are matching key of FILE1 with key of FILE2.join works properly

hope this helps u


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