Apart from requirements traceability to test cases what is the other benefit of traceability matrix..Can anyone please let me know..This is urgent and it was asked in interview

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  • Nov 10th, 2006

Pls Any body there to explan this...................

 We assume it as the usage of of the RTM

   Is to Identify the Defect location ,

   we can find the root case of the bug by using RTM

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Senthil kumar

  • Nov 21st, 2006

1)We can  also find the Defect by the failed  Test cases mapped to Requireemnts

2)To make  ensure that all the Test cases  has been addressed for the corressponding Requirement

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  • Nov 25th, 2006

with the help of RTM we can avoid duplicate test cases too.  When we map each test case to the exact requirement(s) it covers, the possibility of having duplicate test cases is considerably reduced.

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TRTM will first give the scope of functional testing to any test engineer who is a novice to that product. Then comes the major purpose of ensuring the coverage. The TRTM can be extended with additonal information to know- The weak areas of the application- Defects posted for each feature, etc..That depends on what info we want TRTM to give, so we mould it accordingly, just like any other thing =))

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  • Dec 14th, 2006

Hi Rajani,

A part from requirements traceability to test cases traceability matrix can even help to create scenarios & to check the test case coverage.




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  • Feb 22nd, 2007

I want to know what is RTM

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Traceability Matrix - In simple words mapping requirements with Test cases 
As documents are interdependent the data present in the child document (Test case document must be based on Parent document (requirements) and whenever we are facing problem's like developer is not accepting the bug as it is not as per the design or requirements at that time we can show them the proof by tracing test cases with requirements

Apart from mapping test case with requirements

Traceability matrix show how many test cases were written to for a particular requirements/functionality/module

When we are doing impact analysis Traceability matrix will help us to find out how many test cases are affected when ever any changes are happened in the application

Please suggest me if I am wrong.

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A requirements traceability maxtrix can map more than just requirements to test cases.  Look at it as simply a way to map test cases to ANY document which your test cases are drawn from.  You can map details from specifications documents, work-flow documents, wireframes, marketing documents, etc.. 

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