What are the ways of creating style sheets?

There are various ways of creating style sheets. The main three ways are listed below namely:

  • Embedded Style Sheets

  • External Style Sheets

  • Inline Styles

Let us see each of these in brief.

Embedded Style Sheets:

Embedded Style Sheets are preset within the web page. This is very useful in making the collection of all the styles applied to the page and making them appear in a common place under the element or tag which is placed in the page header.

External Style Sheets:

These are style sheets which are stored separately from the web page. The external style sheet has extension as .css. For example Exforsys.css represents as external style sheet. This style sheet is generally used in scenarios when the users want to set the style for the entire web page so that making changes in the external style sheet would get reflected for the entire web page or all the pages which makes use of the embedded style sheet.

Inline Styles:

If a user wants to set a particular style for a particular element this can be done using Inline styles by making use of the STYLE attribute. The STYLE attribute is different from

alert("Your Internet Explorer Needs Google Chrome Frame to work properly");


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