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Im trying to create a traceable database for work using Access, and im finding that even though i have all the data i need and everything to trace where everything goes i cant seem to get my queries to work. I need to have Table A, B, and C connect to D and connect to E with a query at E to go backwards to the other tables. A, B,and C dont have any relationships that connect them but they all connect to table D and table D connects to table E. my primary keys dont connect because my primary keys are just auto id numbers because items from table A, B, or C can be used multiple timesin their table or in table D and table D in table E. I Know some way this is possible im just having trouble figuring it out becasue i am still new to creating databases and access, and my books arent helping me figure this out. thank you for anyone who can help. also i can not create composite keys because that makes it one more place to enter data for other ppl and we dont need that.

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ritam mitra

  • Aug 30th, 2014

first try to check the join or connection between all the tables are proper, then create a view and then run query. it will work

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