What is the definition of test procedure and does this differ from a test case?

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Test procedure means the process of testing, like: Analyze the requirement, creating test cases, testing the application, reporting defect, keep track of bugs till all the bugs are fixed.And Test Case are what exactly we are going to test, compare expected result and actual result.

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  • Sep 29th, 2006

Test procedure is a document which provides detail instruction for the execution of test cases.

yes it is differ from test case.

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vikram sheorey

  • Oct 5th, 2006


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Test Procedure is the sequence in which the tests need to be carried out. (In Automation Tools, one can use batch procedures)

Test Case is a step that actually needs to be executed while testing. It comprises of a - test case id,
- a test case description,
- any pre-conditions or inputs,
- expected result,
- actual result,
- Status(Pass/Fail) and 
- Defects id column(if there is a defect found)

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Test Procedure tells how testing can be carried out, test procedure is a part of test case, and Test case is a case with which we can test the functionality of an application.

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A procedure simply refers to an established method of doing something.  I have heard he term test procedure used to mean the following things:

1) The documented activities a tester should follow in order to perform testing.

2) A document which describes how to manually execute a test suite of test cases.

3) The details found in a particular test case, including preconditions, test steps, expected and actual results, and pass/fail criteria.  (this usage is not as common)

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  • Mar 4th, 2015

kind of and kind of not.

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