What is check pending and copy pending status in DB2, how do you resolve it?

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  • Nov 18th, 2006

Check pending status of a table is set on when you are loading into table with log no and that table has some referencial constarint with other table.

copy pending status is set on when you are loading into a table without a NOCOPYPEND option.



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If the table is loaded with ENFORCE NO option then the table space get into check pending status. That means table space is loaded without enforcing constraints. CHECK utility needs to be run on table space.

If table is loaded with LOG NO option then it get's into cpoy pending status. The meaning is image copy is needed on table space.

In Copy pending status the table is available only for query processing. The solution of copy pending status is take an image copy or use repair utility.
Check pending status happens only when the table is loading with ENFORCE NO option.
It means the load utility didn't perform constraint checking.

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Following utilities set the CHECK-pending status

  • RECOVER to a point in time

1. Check and correct referential integrity constraints using the CHECK DATA utility.

If a table space is in both REORG-pending and CHECK-pending status (or auxiliary CHECK-pending status), run REORG first and then use CHECK DATA to clear the respective states.

2. COPY-pending (COPY) restrictive status indicates that the affected object must be copied

3. Take an image copy of the affected object.

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  • Jul 29th, 2011

where are packages and plan are stored ?

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  • Jul 29th, 2011

A state in which, an Image Copy on a table needs to be taken, In this status, the table is available only for queries. You cannot update this table. To remove the COPY PENDING status, you take an image copy or use REPAIR utility.

When a table is Loaded with ENFORCE NO option, then the table is left in CHECK PENDING status. It means that the LOAD utility did not perform constraint checking

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IBM utilities run on tablespaces will leave the tablespace in a check pending or copy pending status depending on the parameters used. Once this happens the table within the tablespace cannot be accessed. You can run another utility to remove the flags or use interactive DB2 commands from the TSO panel and enter a command to force the tablespace open which will remove the flags.

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  • May 28th, 2012

SET INTEGRITY Option....please read IBM libraries before using this.

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Check Pending is when you have data added to the table using either insert or LOAD utility which violate table check constraints. The IBM DB2 LOAD UTILITY has ENFORCE CONSTRAINTS and similar options which disable enforcing tablespace check constraints during the LOAD operation. After the LOAD, if at least one of the records in the table violates the table check constraint, the tablespace goes into CHECK Pending Status. Similarly, index can also go into CHECK PENDING status if the constraints are managed using Indexes.

CHECK INDEX and CHECK DATA Utilities can be run to remove the tablespace or IndexSpace from CHECK PENDING Status (i.e. delete rows violating Check constraints)

COPY Pending is mostly encountered when a LOAD RESUME (append) is done on a table without taking an ImageCopy Backup or if NOCOPYPEND option is not used in the LOAD parameter. This can be removed by taking an ImageCOpy of the tablespace in question or the TableSpace can be stopped and started using ACCESS FORCE TSO DSN Commands.

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