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what is the difference between photo and image?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Sep 8th, 2006
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Photo means actual look of a particular thing. And Image means a part of screen, for example when you visualize something in your mind,you won't say "I have a Photo of that thing in my mind" insteasd you will say "I have an image of that thing"

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Answered On : Sep 26th, 2006

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Answered On : Oct 6th, 2006

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Photo: The positive picture of a negative.Image: As the name says, its an imaginary picture of what we think or see or assume. Can be visualized as a negative.

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HI Photo: It's a hard copy  Image: It's a soft copyCNu

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Assuming nothing can be perfectly reproduced by any medium, my definitions are:Photo:  The resemblance of something captured in reality.  Image:  The resemblance of something imagined.

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Answered On : Oct 1st, 2011

A photograph refers to images that have been detected as well as recorded on photographic film.
An image can be displayed in a digital format.
All photograph are images, but not all images are photographs.

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