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How will you multiply two numbers using BITWISE operators ?

Asked by: jagdeessh | Member Since Jul-2006 | Asked on: Aug 24th, 2006

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Answered On : Aug 29th, 2006

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Following code snippet would do the required action:#include<stdio.h>main(){   int a,b,result;   printf("nEnter the numbers to be multiplied :");   scanf("%d%d",&a,&b);   result=0;   while(b != 0)               // Iterate the loop till b==0   {      if (b&01)               // Logical ANDing of the value of b with 01         result=result+a; // Update the result with the new value of a.      a<<=1;              // Left shifting the value contained in 'a' by 1.      b>>=1;             // Right shifting the value contained in 'b' by 1.   }   printf("nResult:%d",result);}Suresh Reddy.V.V

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