What is test suite?

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parveen rawat

  • Sep 1st, 2006

a test suite is a test batch.ie collection of set of test case of a single navigation.in a batch

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  • Sep 1st, 2006

test suite is nothing but the preparations for the testing process.That is test plan,test conditions test data and so..on.For examble in V model life cycle the testsuite for UAT willbe prepared after the completion ofBRD.SRS-System Testing,Architecture-Integration testing and the test suite for unit testing willbe prepared after the detailed design

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  • Oct 2nd, 2006

  Test suite:  A collection of tests used to validate the behavior of a product. The scope of a Test Suite varies from organization to organization. There may be several Test Suites for a particular product for example. In most cases however a Test Suite is a high level concept, grouping together hundreds or thousands of tests related by what they are intended to test.

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  • Apr 4th, 2007

   Collection of test cases is a test suite.This test suite often also

   contains more detailed instructions or goals for each collection of

   test cases.

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A test case suite is simply a table of contents for the individual test cases. Organizing the suite of test cases by priority, functional area, actor, business object, or release can help identify parts of the system that need additional test cases.

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A test suite is a collection of tests that are designed to test a particular project.  Test suites are often resident on computer quality management applications but some companies use spreadsheets.  When software applications are used to manage test suites, they are typically organized using tree structures or folders.  The parent is usually labeled with the product name.  Under this parent are usually child links or folders labeled with functional areas to be tested.  And finally, under these sublinks or subfolders are the test cases. 

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