What is thyristor?

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Rhul Varma K

  • Jul 31st, 2006

thyristor or an scr is a semicontrolled rectifier which can be used as a switch

it is 8 types

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Karan Sorout

  • Aug 3rd, 2006

Thyristor is also called SCR, stands for Semi Conductor Rectifier. It is basically a four layer semi conductor device like a transistor that is a three layer semiconductor device.

It is generally used as a switch in the power circuit as it can only be turned on by providing a pulse at its one of the sandwitched layer called Gate, and the pulse is also called firing pulse/ triggring pulse. The main advantage of this over the transistor is the it can be used into the power circuits.

So, whenever pulse will be provided then only it'll come to its conducting state so one can control its operation with the help of that pulse.

If seeking more help then you can go for any 'Power Electronics' book as its a very basic topic so probably it'll be covered in all the books mentioned above.

Or you can write to me at karan.sorout@gmail.com


  • Aug 26th, 2006

The thyristor is a solid-state semiconductor device with four layers of alternating N and P-type material. They act as a switch, conducting when their gate receives a current pulse, and continue to conduct for as long as they are forward biased.Thyristors are mainly used where high currents and voltages are involved, and are often used to control alternating currents, where the change of polarity of the current causes the device to automatically switch off; Thyristors can also be found in power supplies for digital circuits, where they can be used as a sort of "circuit breaker"

Amit Sinha

  • Aug 28th, 2006

Thyrister is a power semiconductor device . It is so called bcoz it is used to derive large power ,it is SCR "silicon controlled rectifier " . It works as Diode in manner that it also get Forward biased & reverse biased and different in the way that it will not turn ON untill we supply the gate terminal .Therefore it is controlled rectifier. Its rated voltage is about 6000V .

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Thyristor is a family name, in which SCR, Triac, Diac etc are the members. Since SCR is the most commonly used device in this family, the SCR itself is called as Thyristor. Thyristor (SCR) is a three terminal four layor device. The configuration of SCR is like two transistors connected back to back. This can be used for high voltage and high current applications. This device is almost similar like a Transistor. (Thyristor is a controlled switch but whereas transistor is an un-controlled switch).

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  • Jan 7th, 2007

thyristor is silicon controll rectifier... it contains four layers, and it is a three terminal device ie., anode, cothode, gate
when we applied gate pulses to it it starts conducting.
Mainly these are used for the controling high voltages...it can be used as an switch at high voltages,
why because this starts conducting only by applying gate pulses but not by giving supply to anode or cathode.

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  • Jul 13th, 2007

Thyristor is a family of devices having a common construction. It is a four layer three terminal device. scr is one of the member of thyristor family.

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  • Sep 2nd, 2007

Thyristor is a controlled diode which can be controlled by applying pulse signal at the gate of the Thyristor.

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in another way of diffenations

the thyristor can be diffened as a valve controlling flow ( current) to have this flow we have to open this valve ( by the gate pulse) the flow will be continous unless the flow is enough

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