What is an exit and entry criteria in a Test Plan ?Please explain

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     generally,test plan document is prepared by TL&QM.

Entry &Exit criteria is part of test plan document

Entry criteria is

    1.testing environment established

    2.test cases prepared

    3.build received from development team

Exit criteria is

     1.All modules are covered or not

      2.all test cases are completely executed or not

      3.all bugs resolved or not

    this is part of HOW TO TEST criteria test plan document


  • Aug 16th, 2006

Exit criteria defines when u stop the testing. It defines interms the following: All bug status cycle are closed, All functionalites are tested, All high and medium bugs are resloved.

Entry criteris defines enterey of test execution. It defines interms the following: Test environment established, Builder received from developer,Test case prepared and reviewed.

sudhakar kolla

If u having doubts any one can ask me.


Entery Criteria: Use to determine that test plan is ready to execute like... 
                         1. Setup test enviroment that requir for perticular test plan.
                         2. S/W or application have been installed successfully.
                         3. All required / Specified pre-requsit are there.
Exit Criteria: Use to determine that it is the time to stop testing like...
                          1. All major functionallty have been cover as specify in test plan.
                          2. S/W or application is bug free (upto 80%) and no higher priority
                           or higher severity bug in application.  

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  • Apr 21st, 2009

Entry criteria - You should have SRS, Design Spec
Exit Criteria - All major high and medium priority bugs must be closed

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The Entry andExit criteria are clearly mentioned in the Testplan:
The Entry criteria is:
1. All the integration exit criteria has been sucessfully met.
2. All the installation documents have been completed.
3. All the shippable software has been suceesfully build.
4. State,Test plan is baselined by completing the walkthroughs of the test plan.
5. Test environment should be setup.
6. All the severity 1 MR's should be closed.
The Exit criteria:
1. All the testcases in the testplan should be executed.
2. All the MR's/defects should be either closed or defferred.
3. Regression testing cycle should be executed after closing all the MR's.
4.All the documents should be reviewed,finalised or signed-off.


  • Sep 20th, 2011

In exit Criteria: I like to add to Santhoshi Kotha thorough answer: Risk. everything based on the Risk!

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