Please explain about Alerts in Bo's, Under what situation we need to use alerts

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  • Jul 10th, 2006

hello friends,here alert means to highlighted data in a particular every report we can apply alerts situtation like, sales revenue per city city field we can apply alert,condition like sales revenue >=50,000


  • Aug 28th, 2012

Alert Basically provide your attention toward something you want on it. like you are analysis the Revenue associated with City and Department and you dont want to check all the report total till end. You just concern about the those department whos making less then 500,000 a month. so In this situation you put alert on department and revenue like Revenue <= 500,000 show me in RED color along with department name.


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vyankatesh valakate

  • Oct 19th, 2012

Alerters used for to remind/to alert about something that for your specific point of view.

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alerter are used at the reporting level. this are used to attract the user attention to the value.

Example :

Suppose i will create one alerter which will highlight all the student roll nos in Red color if their attendance for the month is below 60%.

this is general example, in business perspective we can use alter to highlight / display msg for product which ia having high production cost than profit from them.

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Khushboo gupta

  • Mar 1st, 2015

When we need to highlight some data based on a condition we use alerters. For eg if we want to highlight the data more than a certain value we can use alerts

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  • Mar 6th, 2015

Alerts are used to highlight the selected data based on condition.In Bo we have two kinds of alerts are there

1.Formatting alerte
2.Text based alert

1:Formatting alert is used to highlight the data that is changing the text color,background color,font color based on condition.for example if we have a report like year, revenue, the question here is if you highlight the revenue based on condition(rev>$5000-make it as green color i.e good revenue) otherwise red color

2.Text based alert is used to add a common text in the report level and also used to highlight the selected data based on condition,for eg if we have a report like year, rev, if you want to use text based alert you have to create new column then apply the alert based on condition

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  • Mar 16th, 2015

Alerters are basically applied on column of the report upon given 


If there is a revenue column n we need to check which revenues are greater than 100000 n less than 100000 .here we can make a alerter showing green color for greater than 100000 n red for less than 100000
You can also show images there eg up arrow n down arrow 
Hope this is helpful 

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