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Reliance Interview Procedure

This is the Interview procedure technical paper on Electronics & Instrumentation
for Reliance industries.

Written test had 2 parts, Aptitude and technical.

Aptitude papers there were 50 questions in 30 minutes.

Technical paper part had 30 questions to be answered in 30 minutes.

Covered Topics:

Networking Basics related to Router.
What is a router,
Which layer does a router exist
Function of a network layer,
Basics of analog communications like what is TDM ,CDMA
Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Apr 16th, 2006
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Deepak Khonde

Answered On : Apr 19th, 2006

I want the placement paper of Reliance regarding the recruitement of fresh engg. (mechanical branch) . If possible please forward it to me at above mentioned e-mail id.

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Answered On : Apr 20th, 2006

Hi        If any one find reliance placement papers for mechanical brach please forward it to the above mentioned mail id. If u have please forward....

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vikas adlakha

Answered On : Apr 20th, 2006

Hi,   i m the student of electrical branch. pls send me the ril placement papers

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Answered On : Apr 20th, 2006

Hi,    Could you pls tell what were the topics for the techincal written test...and for interview also

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Mahesh Patel

Answered On : Apr 28th, 2006

If any one finds earlier Reliance Industries Written Test Papers for Mechanical Branch, please send it on the above mentioned mail id.

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Answered On : Apr 30th, 2006

Can anyone send me the Reliance Infocomm  placement paper.If you have the paper please send it to the above address

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Answered On : Jun 11th, 2006

Its great to knw the procedure.i would be grateful if i get the recent placement papers of reliance.we are having the xam next month...

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Answered On : Jun 21st, 2006

 Hi   I am kumaresan ,Master graduate in computer science and engineering... I need reliance model question papers related to computer science and the  interview procedures..... If u can please help me Thanks and regards  Kumaresan

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Pramod sarwar

Answered On : Jul 26th, 2006

hi,I am pramod sarwar having interview on 29th july in REL. I have same problem facing as you. so if u get paper from elsewhere plz send me and also send ur experience of interview.         Thanks, 

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Pramod sarwar

Answered On : Jul 26th, 2006

hi,  I see ur mail in  I also facing same problem as u.I also not get reliance placement paper.if u got it plz send me  I have interview on 29th july and also ur exp. of interview.      Thanks. 

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Answered On : Sep 24th, 2006

Hello sir/ mam,                 I am a student of 2006 batch computer science student. i have got a call from reliance plz nyone have the sample paer splus test pattern then plz send me it on my id.   Thanking you

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Answered On : Nov 6th, 2006

hi,     i want  Recruitment papers for Graduate Engineering Trainee of Reliance communication.

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