What is a deliverable ? Can you please mention the names of deliverables in your current project .

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  • Apr 12th, 2006

What is a deliverable?  - what we are going to submit to customer

deliverables are

1. Project Management Doc (contains resorce name, skillset,exp, ... )

2. SRS (software requirement specification)


4.Testing reports (test cases & bug reports)

5. Release notes

6. insatllation Guide




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Test Deliverables:-

1.Test plan document

2.Test case document

3. Test strategic document

4.test script document

5.test scenario document

6.test log document

7.coding guidlines document

8. automation procedure document

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  • Jul 21st, 2006

A deliverable is any tangible outcome that is produced by the project. These can be documents, plans, computer systems, buildings, aircraft, etc. Internal deliverables are produced as a consequence of executing the project, and are usually only needed by the project team.

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Following are the deliverables from QA point of view

1. Estimate for the Project/ IT service request
2. Test plan (If QA testing efforts are more than 2 weeks)
3. Test Cases

4. Automation Scripts
5. Test scenarios
6. Test Status Report (Includes Defect Status Report, Test % coverage and Remaining Item description, Specific Exclusion, RoadBlocks). This report can be weekly or depending on the understanding between Manager and QA team.
7. QA Sign Off report (Includes defect Report with all defects closed, Test Case doc,  Test Plan doc and if there was any Req change during QA efforts then series of e-mails or Addendum to Req doc)

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