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How to retrieve n-th row ie n-th record of any table irrespective of the columns and the values present in the table without using ROWID(As it is not supported in DB@)?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Mar 20th, 2006
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Answered On : Mar 22nd, 2006

This could be logic if u want it in cobol program , U use FETCH FIRST N ROWS ONLY . here n can take values of desired row no.then u can loop thru cursor till end of row . for making N as user supplied u need to go for dynamic sql in which u ll build whole sql string .or u can use cursor scrolling options in the fetch statement.

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Siva Reddy

Answered On : Mar 22nd, 2006

Declare a Cursor and fetch rows by descending. This will get the Nth row on First Instance. But Guess this Query degrades Performance

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Answered On : Mar 23rd, 2006

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Without getting too theoretical, there is no Nth row of a relation. There is no first row, no last row etc.  Order of the rows and columns are undefined concepts.  In order to retrieve any row you need to have values that can be compared (ie retrieved via the equality relation). The fact that a column equals a value does not depend on order in a relational system.  Even system that support a pseudo column like row_number or something similar are equating values.Ask yourself the question: how do I know I want the nth row without knowing previously what identifies it?

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Answered On : Mar 27th, 2006

To retrieve the nth row from table you can code Query likeSELECT * FROM TABLE-NAME WHERE NTH=(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE WHERE COUNT >2)IF WROUNGH FEED BACK ME

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Answered On : Mar 28th, 2006

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sorry it's wrong.  in your example NTH would have to be a column name of the table which doesn't represent the nTH row.

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Answered On : May 11th, 2006

sir EDid ,  I dont understand the problem in asking for nth row of a table. we can simply ask for 10th row of a table ,and we can try to obtain it using the rownum value.  like ---    select * from emp where rownum = 10;   whats wrong with this query???please suggest!!         

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Nahidullah Khan

Answered On : Jun 1st, 2006

i think u can use following sql statement to retreive nth (5th for example) row of any tableselect * from <table-name> where rrn(table-name) = 5 this command will work atleast on db2/400 sqlTHANKS.

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Answered On : Jun 19th, 2006

This is a fallacious question. IN rdbms, by definition, there is no nth row, as the ordering of the rows is immaterial

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Answered On : Jun 23rd, 2006


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Answered On : Mar 7th, 2010

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We can use scrollable cursor ( with DB2 V8 and higher).FETCH FIRST ROWSET STARTING AT ABSOLUTE N FROM CURSOR1 FOR 1 ROW.

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