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Computer Science 5th Sem student needs advise about future

I am computer science engg student in 5th semester .i have around 62% but did not cleared in single attempt but only in single supplementary exam i cleared them .but i have good knowledge on computer related topics.but i have a fear that i shall not get any job.please advise me about my future?
Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Mar 17th, 2006
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Abhishek.kolluru  you are in 5th semester only. YOu have one more semster. So try to score more into your project and increase your percentage much more. Dont worry about not clearing in single attempt. If you make your percentage much more ot would compensate that. Also strengthen your aptitude,technical,communication skills and this would give your good career in a easier way.

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Answered On : Oct 14th, 2009

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Don't worry.. clear all your exams by the time you graduate.. Yes.. there are some companies that say that you have a backlog.. but there are scores of companies who do not consider it. Good Luck !!

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