SOAP Testing. How to do SOAP Testing manually.

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  • Apr 4th, 2006

Easiest way....ask developers to provide a clienttough way.....learn HTTP n SOAP a little write client programs to call the server..u can use perl/python

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  • Feb 27th, 2007

Soap Testing can be done by using a Soap Tester.All you need to know is the URL to capture and invoke any type of test against a web service!

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How to test:

I've tested a web service called 'Soap server' in my project and it is worked as below.

-> first of request will send to service in XML format
-> Server is also respong to client in terms of XML





<ERROR_MESSAGE><![CDATA[Authentication Failed. Unable to find the specified GUID in the SmartChange system. If the problem persists please contact the SmartChange administrator.]]></ERROR_MESSAGE>

So we can test a web service for negative scenarios and it's throwing the validation messages for invalid request...



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SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) testing is simply sending requests to a web service and examining its responses similar to web API testing.  Perhaps the best way to think of this technology is as a method of making remote procedure calls against  well-defined APIs. SOAP has a more formal definition mechanism called WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) and is a bit more complex to implement. 

The process of testing SOAP is the same as testing any web API over the internet.  You simply send a message to a web service URL that contains an envelope and header and an XML body with instructions.  The web service will send back a response that you can easily test by examining it XML payload. 

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