What is BUS Schema?

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  • Feb 20th, 2006

BUS Schema is composed of a master suite of confirmed dimension and standardized definition if facts.

A BUS Schema or a BUS Matrix? A BUS Matrix (in Kimball approach) is to idetify common Dimensions across Business Processies; ie: a way of identifying Conforming Dimensions.

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Bus Schema : Let we consider/explain these in x,y axis

                      Dimension Table :  A,B,C,D,E,F
                      Fact           Table:  R,S
        Relation between Fact and Dim tables as follows:
                         R->> A,B,E,F          and S->>D,C,A

         A confirmed must be identified across different Subject.(Any dimension which is found in two fact say R,S : we need to takes these as Vertical axis say x axis and we need to take Dimensional table as Horizontal axis as Y axis.this type of construction of matrix is called bus matrix. these are intially constructed before the universe is created.we can say this intial layout in designing a schema.Every Schema which is Started as a Star Schema and then it expands to Multi Star,Snow Flake,Constellation Schema.
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