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  • Jul 22nd, 2005

Tips for Success in Interviews 
First impression is the best impression. You will be judged by ; the way you dress, your educational qualification, work experience, body language, manners, ability to absorb the information and interpret it intelligently and clearly. So take care to be at your best.  
Carry your relevant documents in order - like certificates, copy of application sent, bio-data etc. in a folder so that it can be easily shown when asked. Take a pen also.  
Present the documents only if the interviewer ask for it.  
Never be late for an interview.  
Greet the interviewers as soon as you enter.  
Sit down only when you are asked to. It is better not to pull the chair, either lift it or move it and always enter from the right side of the chair.  
Say 'please and thank you' whenever required.  
Listen carefully and pay attention to the question. If the question is not clear to you ask politely for a repeat.  
Reply confidently and immediately to the point, keeping your answers short unless asked for a longer description.  
While answering, look directly at the person asking the questions and try to be pleasant.  
Replies connected to any details regarding your bio-data should be authentic.  
It is better to admit if you don't know something.  
Remember to say 'sorry' if your opinions or answers are rejected.  
Avoid indulging in certain mannerisms in your speech or behavior.  
You can ask when you can expect to hear from them before you leave.  
Don't forget to say "Thank you" at the end of an interview to every interviewer before leaving.  
Shake hands only if the interviewer initiates the gesture.  
Walk out confidently without looking back.  
Gently shut the door behind you as you leave.

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