What might make you leave this job?

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  • Jul 28th, 2005

Lack of proper management and a feel that not satisfying by the company environment

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  • Feb 1st, 2006

As for as satisfation from current is concerned, I am quite happy.The reason to leave the current job is that I am looking for some more challenging type of work. I want to shoulder more responsibilities where I can show my ability to perform my best.


  • Nov 4th, 2006

Never give negative responses for a question like this . Complaining abt d last employer is never advisable. Always focus on what you have learnt from your last organization and emphasis on your willingness to learn and grow and seek better opportunity . Put yourself always in the psitive frame of mind of the interviewer. Never complain abt your last job or organization.

If today i selected then i'ill never leave this job & i would like to join this company as long as we both feel i am contributing achieving & growing with your company till that of time.

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