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What is your long-term employment or career objective?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Aug 12th, 2005

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Answered by: Jyothi

Answered On : May 26th, 2006


5- Five digit salary

4-Four wheeler

3-Three stored Building

2-Two cute children

1-One Good Husband

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sumanth gowda

Answered On : Sep 13th, 2005

i made my self both short term and long term goal in careermy short term goal is to learn new technology and make my self techincally strong as well as in people management skill which will make sure me ,to acheive my long term goal as soon as possible

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Answered On : May 26th, 2006

543215- Five digit salary4-Four wheeler3-Three stored Building2-Two cute children1-One Good Husband

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pathabasthi biddadu

Answered On : Oct 13th, 2006

A good job (let me define it, a job which gives me satisfaction in what  am doing, flexi timings, ample freedom in taking pathbreaking decisions and of course good sal)Mentoring and creating a good set of future leaders,Dream to stand among people like Infy NRN, Microsoft Bill gates.

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Afsari shams

Answered On : Mar 27th, 2007

Hi frnds! I think the answer to this Question should be something like this..............My career objective is improvement within.I agree with the saying "what you sow so you reap", accordingly if we work hard the outcome will be the best & likewise if we be determined to our goal/job certainly there would be no room for improvement to escape us.

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Answered On : Aug 13th, 2009

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I want to establish myself as a sucessful person. I want to work in best of organisation so that I can extract enormous knowledge which will help me to perform better in my life.

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Answered On : Jan 12th, 2010

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To excel in the field of testing

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