Can we write Functional testcase based on only BRD or only Use case ?

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  • Nov 28th, 2005

To write functional testcase BR is enough.

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  • Nov 28th, 2005

We can write the test cases using the BRD,but we may not get the full flow information and exact functionality of the business from BRD. According to me, we can start writing the functional test cases using the BRD, but we cannot baseline the test cases on the basis of BRD.

Pls let me know if I am wrong.



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  • Nov 29th, 2005

as per my knowledge we prepare functional specification based on brd.

we use that functional specification to prepare test cases.

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Yes, We can write testcases based on Business Requirement Document (BRD) since this is enough to create the Business scenario and Use Cases. This approach gives us clear flow of the data and thereby and entire functionality.

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First of all Usecases are prepared and available in BRD. So, from these only we can write the testcases to test the total functionality of an application. Only using from these two we can write good testcases and then only these are baselined by our leads.

(If any mistake is there pls forgive me)


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  • Feb 9th, 2006

As per my knowledge i think Use Cases are part of BRD. To write successful test case we need to follow BRD which includes Use Case.So both are required.

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  • Feb 23rd, 2006


   I am working for an independent testing team and we dont have any idea where the development is done. The only document we get is the BRD, using which we will write the testcases. In very rare cases, we will be getting the HLD also.



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  • Mar 21st, 2006

BRD can be used to develope test cases in most of the projects but there are some exceptions too where BRD sole can't be used to describe quality testcases.

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hi suma,

You?write functional requirement test cases or any other test cases?from BRD because it is the base of all the requirements of the client and there are no ifs and buts in it.

if you have any queries, pls let us know,

Pritam and Sridhar.

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Sai Kondraju

  • Apr 12th, 2006

Yes, we can write Functional Test Case based on BRD. But its a good practice to understand BRD and Use Cases for preparing Functional test cases.

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Yes we can write testcases based only Business requirements document or use cases but if you want to write an effective test case you should have all the documents like BRD SRS FRS design docs use cases test plan. so that you can have a clear picture in terms of functionality flow etc.

correct me if i am wrong

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Since Use Cases are often authored to produce the Business (or Functional) Requirements Document (BRD / FRD), it is possible to create some functional test cases based on only Use Cases.  However, these test cases will only cover the business processes that are employed by users to acheive their goals with the product.  The FRD often includes more than this.  An FRD may include calculations, technical details, data manipulation and processing, and other functionalities that define what a system is suppose to do rather than how users can achieve their objectives while using it. 

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