How do you know that all the scenarios for testing are covered?it is not must that we refer tracebality matrix we can do it with refering the SRS of Use case also with same Version?can any one clarify

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Vishal Grover

  • Feb 2nd, 2006

When comes to coverage, 100% coverage looks improbable if not impossible. Still being tester, we cannot use this as excuse of not covering everything,

So if all the agreed/freezeed processes/flows mentioned in the test design are completed and excuted, we can say that all we have covered/executed the all scinerios.

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  • Mar 17th, 2006

can we prepare testcases with out scnarios and usecases

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  • Jun 28th, 2006

No. we can't. But u can test with out any testcase/ scenario/ req. Thats called exploratory tersting.

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  • Jul 12th, 2007

By preparing the traceability matrix(with any tool), we can only ensure that all the requirements are covered in the test case design.

But the test case scenarios is not covering in this case. For ensuring this, a methodology should be adopted, like MCDC etc.  

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Only tracebility matrix can assure that all the scenarios are covered.
If you are not having any tracebility you can test but there is no assurance of 100% coverrage ...


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The best way to ensure all your requirements (scenarios) are covered is through a Traceability Matrix. 

There are other ways to ensure the requirements are covered, but these methods are not as practical as the Traceability Matrix.  For example, 1) if all of your tests were automated, 2) if each of your automated tests identified function points, 3) if these function points were mapped to requirements, and 4) if all of the function points associated with a particular requirement passed, then it could be said the requirement (or scenario) also passes.  This method could only be used if all code associated with a particular requirement-defined functionality were fully automated. 

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