What are the user requirements in a universe?

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  • Mar 25th, 2006

Database connections, key column, joins and check for loopif you need mesures, metrics, cheers,www.sithu.s5.com

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HiYou have select all the parameters of universe and be sure about the DSN i.e., the database which ur company is using.so that u can use the same database and create universe.bye

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User requirements in a universe are key components of BO unvierse which are as follows:
1. Parameters that define database connectivity and SQL options.
2. Classes and objects that users see when building queries and reports.
3. Tables that are pointers to the physical tables in the source database.
4. Joins that define the relationship between the tables.

Ravi Kumar Garre

in order to build universe, following requirements are needed:
1) classes and objects 2) table and columns 3) joins/ relationship between table 4)parameters 4) connections to the database.

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  • Apr 19th, 2009

1. Define Universe Parameters
2. Insert Tables
3. Insert Joins
4. Detect Loops
5. Resolve Loops
6. Create Classes
7. Create Objects
8. Create Hierarchies
9. Export the universe


  • Jun 16th, 2011

1. setting parameters

2. Import tables.
3. creating joins
4. resolve join path problems
ex: fan trap, chasm trap,loop
these join problems can be solved by using ALIAS AND CONTEXT
5.creating classes
6.creating objects
7.creation of hierarchies

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  • Aug 28th, 2012

First of all, Get ifnormation to Client what kind of data he wants to see in the report.
who will use this Report and how it looks like and which department it will use for.
then you need to start gether all the information related to the end user(s) requirements.
contact to DBA asked that I need that field information along with Table Names.
Findout/Create the Connection b/w the Universe and Datasource.
Start Building Schema. Resolve RDBMS related issues.
create sematic layer along with Classes and Objects.
Define predefine filters or prompts which end user(s) needs.
and then export Universe along with connection to repository to make resources available for end user.

Hope Help you out...

Vyankatesh Valakate

  • Oct 19th, 2012

Universe is used for Importing tables, Creating classes, Creating objects, Creating joins, Loops, Fan trap, Chasm trap, Creation of hierarchies, Dimensions, Filters, Breaks, Sections.

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  • Dec 13th, 2012

We have to go for 80-20 rule. It means understanding the user requirement first, database, connection secured, table map, join, cardinality, loop, trap, if need then for performance issues we have to create (aggregate, aware,index,derived table,short cut join) test universe

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