How to create prompt table dynamically into the specified field?

Define a field in the DERIVED as field name and in the record field in which you want to have dynamic prompt table,create a prompt table for the field as % prompt field where prompt field name is same as the field name in the DERIVED record

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vijay kumar

  • Nov 28th, 2005

1. Create a new field and add the field to any of the Derived Record.
2. Open the Record and goto field to which you want to Prompt and enter prompt table as '%name of Variable' defined on derived record.
3. You have to keep the derived Field on panel and hide it, Otherwise you will get error while accessing the panel.
4. In SrarchInit/Rowinit PeopleCode, Assign the name of the Record definition to the Prompt variable.

Hope this solves the problem.


Vijay jakkamsetty

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